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Saturday Nite lyrics


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     Saturday Nite
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        It was Saturday nite, the moon was bright
    Shining down, it's harvest light
    Music all around to hear, set the stage
    And atmosphere--many dress to suit
    Their taste, participate in the ego race
    Tonite's the night, for you to be
    Biggest man in history
    Saturday nite's your curtain call
    You found your place after all
    I saw a face in the crowd
    Sayin' nothin', yet talking loud
    Life is just a day
    Living games we play
    London Bridge is fallin' down
    Do what Simon says
    Doing what you feel,
    Games can be unreal
    Humpty-Dumpty when you fall
    There be no one here to call
    Life is stil your mystery
    You see, you see, you see
    Many friends, who gather 'round
    In hope, to feel safe and sound
    We emphasize, to make it clear
    Our stumbling nations atmosphere
    While looking thru the looking glass
    Our vision show, a stormy past
    When you gonna wake, and see the sun--
    Stop wasting time and having fun
    Life is just a day
    Daily games we play
    London Bridge has fallen down
    You did what Simon said
    Doing what you feel
    Games are so unreal
    Humpty-Dumpty why'd you fall
    You see there's no one here to call
    Now we've solved this mystery
    You see, you see, you see
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